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Latest Update: April 26, 2016

We are a charity community in Ontario that is looking to help out the parents of infants born too early or still. We transform a donated wedding gown into tiny angel gowns which are delivered to hospitals to be handed out to parents free of charge. Through personal experience we found a need for these gowns. What better way to help parents but to give them one less thing to worry about.

At a time like this any little help is great help. Please, help us to help them with a donation in the form of a donated wedding gown, sewing supplies, gift cards, monetary donation or your seamstress experience.

02/24/16 ... Before donating a wedding gown please Email us or contact us via Facebook to check if room is available. Your donations of wedding gowns have been so wonderful that at times it overwhelms us. We would like to keep the gowns in tip top shape so we have to make sure we have ample space to store them. Your communication would be greatly appreciated.     Thank you.

02/24/16 ... We still have some Floating Memory Lockets we would love for you to order to help us with funding for supplies. These lockets are very beautiful. We have put them together carefully to make sure it's a wonderful keepsake in memory of your Angel. Please, consider ordering one today.     Thank you.

  • ORDER HERE then send us an email with the shipping information.

  • Ontario founder Sherie Vukelic

    Sherie's boys - Brandon, the rainbow baby and a preemie and newborn Jaxon, the full term baby

    See our work

    Donated Gowns


    Wedding gowns donated by generous people.

    The Process


    Here is the process we use to go from wedding gowns to angel gowns.

    Angel Gowns


    We work hard to turn the wedding gowns into tiny angel gowns.


    Hamilton Spectator


    An articles has been written recently in the Spectator about another group of Angel Gown making ladies called Wee Care Gowns and Forever Loved Angel Gowns was mentioned. We are so glad other groups have started as well who will help many bereaved parents to a gown their angel deserves.


    Locked up in Our Love


    There is an article on that includes a lovely song called Locked up in Our Love by Drago Vukelic, no relation that we know of unless Sherie's dad, also Drago in Croatian has recorded a song when we weren't looking. The lyrics are very touching and the song is worth a listen.

    Burlington Story


    Heather Albanese sews love into every stitch of the ‘angel gowns’ she creates ... Our wonderful seamstress Heather has been featured on the pages of Inside Halton as a special to the Burlington Post written by Melanie Cummings. From one donated wedding gown Heather usually creates twenty angel gowns of various sizes. Thank you Heather for the work you do.

    New Logo


    Recently we've had a contest to find an appropriate logo for Flag cards, letters and photos. We received a few beautiful designs but one stood out to all of us and it was a logo done by Josee Hartrick. She has donated the Jpg file as well as other versions of it for our use. She has also offered any other graphic work we may need done. Thank you Josee for your time and efforts.


    Toronto Star


    A new article has just come out in the Toronto Star talking about Forever Loved Angel Gowns and what the good folk there are doing to help out grieving parents. The article was written by staff writer Tara Deschamps

    Hamilton Spectator


    This article has also appeared in a Hamilton newspaper to bring awarness to infant loss and to let everyone know that it's ok to talk about it and you can also help in doing something worthwhile.

    First Delivery


    Recently the very first Angel Gown delivery was made to the Civic Hospital in Brampton. It happened on May 31, 2014. We were excited and a bit nervous about our reception at the hospital but the response was overwhelmingly positive.


    Brampton Guardian


    Sherie has also been featured in the Brampton Guardian on June 13, 2014 with a lovely article written by Radhika Panjwani . Click Details to read the story.

    The Toronto Sun


    Recently Sherie Vukelic was interviewed by journalist Michele Mandel. The article appeared in the Toronto Sun on Sunday May 25, 2014. She did a lovely article about the work we to here at FLAG. Thank you Michele for such a wonderful article. Click Details for a link to read the article.

    Voice America


    Sherie has been invited to a radio talk show Family Caregivers Unite hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley to speak about FLAG and work we are doing to help bereaved parents with angel gowns. The interview is scheduled for July 7, 2014. Click on Details to listen to the show.


    Wonderful Post


    Please consider reading this wonderful post on a blog called From Overwhelmed to Organized by Hilda. She wrote about wondering what to do with her wedding gown of sixteen years. She found Forever Loved Angel Gowns and decided to donate her dress. Thank you Hilda for the dress and this wonderful post called Why I Gave Away My Wedding Gown.


    Memory Board:


    Words of Comfort:

      "A butterfly lights besides us like a sunbeam and for a brief moment its beauty and glory belong to our world but then it flies on again. Although we wish it could've stayed we feel lucky to have seen it."

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