Started May 15, 2014
Welcome to the Fundraising Page

Latest Update: February 24, 2016

We will be starting up this fundraising page in hopes to garner some proceeds that will help provide the much needed supplies for sewing and shipping. Of course we will accept any donations of needles, thread, ribbon and lace or any packing/shipping materials but they are not quick in coming so we will try the fundraising page where we will offer items for for sale which will hopefully leave us some money for supplies so we can keep this venture going.

  • First we are starting with this beautiful Floating Locket which holds small pendants that remind us of our lost little ones, such as angel wings, hearts and blue and pink pearls.

  • ... We still have 14 Memory Lockets left ...

    The way it will work is:

       1/ you will pay for the item at our Donation page then

       2/ Email us with the item name, payment amount and your address at

    ITEM # 1 - Floating Memory Locket $20.00 each - shipping included   


    Floating Memory Locket

    More Items

    We are looking for more items. If anyone can donate or offer at a low cost a quality item would be a wonderful help towards this cause.

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