Started May 15, 2014
Welcome to Request Angel Gowns

Here you can find a list of the gowns and their sizes. Also there are wraps or croched booties or hats you can order too. From here you can order what you need and send us an email of what you require and how many you would like.

Latest Update: February 6, 2015

Micro Preemie Gowns


You can order Micro Preemie by emailing us with the number of gowns you would like

Small to Large Gowns


You can order Gowns from small to large by emailing us and letting us know how many you would like of each.



Here you can order more Wraps by emailing us with the number of wraps you would like.


Gowns in Stock:

  • Angel Gowns of various sizes are always in stock and we are working on more.

Wraps in Stock.

  • We are working on having more wraps in stock.

Crochet Items in Stock:

  • Knitted hats are in stock at select locations but we are in need of more. We are also in need of booties.

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