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What steps do I take to donate a wedding gown?
- Firstly, please note that the wedding gown should be professionally cleaned before donation. Any gowns that are yellowed with age or are stained will not be usable. You can also wash the gown on gentle cycle and let air dry. Next, please message us on Facebook or Email us at with a short message including your name and location and we will advise when and where might be the best place for you to drop off the gown. Sometimes a pick up is also possible. Afterward we will make sure the gown is received by one of our seamstresses and the process of creating Angel Gowns has begun. At times the gown may go to our holding center until a seamstress becomes available. Thank you from the bottom or our hearts for making a donation of your wedding dress to our project!! If you wish to make a cutting of your gown for a keepsake please do so before donation.

What type/color of gowns will we accept?
- Wedding gowns should be made of satin, silk, chiffon, charmeuse, lace or rayon that come in various tones of white, ivory, and cream
- We would also appreciate bridesmaid dresses or formal gowns in blue or pastel colors

How do we create an Angel Gown?
- We create an Angel Gown from the material of beautiful wedding gowns donated to us by wonderful people who are willing to part with their dress so we can make gowns for babies who were born sleeping or were too premature to survive. The gowns help to give these tiny angels a little dignity and something to wear as they move on from us.
- The sizes are as follows: wraps for micro-preemie, small which is best for babies born before 20 weeks, medium for babies born 20-30 weeks, and large for full-term babies

Are the Angel Gowns available for purchase by the bereaved family or hospitals?
- No, at this time the Angel Gowns are Free of charge to the family or hospitals. We are happy to provide gowns upon request and try to help the family by giving them one less thing to worry about as they ready themselves to part with their angel.

What is the process of requesting Angel Gowns?
- To request gowns follow the link under "Request a Gown" and give us some information to help us contact the family or hospital so we can arrange a delivery for one or a volume of Angel Gowns. Our goal is to provide a supply of Angel Gowns to every hospital in Ontario.

Besides seamstress what other volunteer work do you require?
- Please complete the Volunteer form and we will be happy to get back to you with the type of work needed in your area. We appreciate any help you may be able to give we do request however that your home is smoke free.

Do you accept crocheted hats and gowns?
- We only accept crocheted or knitted hats for these angels as most of them are premature and their skin is too sensitive for crocheted or knitted gowns. Will we provide the patterns for the Angel Gowns?
- Yes, patterns will be provided to the volunteers. These patterns originate within the organizations in the USA and are properly sized for the various Angel Gowns we provide which are for girls and boys

Can you create Angel Gowns and drop them off at the hospital yourself?
- Within the GTA area we will deliver the completed Angel Gowns to the hospitals. When you complete your gowns contact us for drop off or pick up times. We have a specific way of packing the gowns that identify creations by Forever Loved Angel Gowns to upkeep a certain quality.
-Angel Gowns created outside of the GTA area will be delivered by the seamstresses in their locations. They will package the gowns first in the same manner.

What is the timeline? How long will it take for my dress to be turned into an Angel Dress?
- We will be organizing everyone's information, unpacking, working with the donated gowns and filling the hospital requests. It may take a while for your wedding gown to make it into the hands of a seamstress. This is a delicate process and we appreciate your patience.

Do we accept monetary donations?
- Yes, we accept cash into our paypal account on our Youcaring page as well as any gift cards especially those to stores like Michael's and Fabricland. The monetary donations are used to help buy sewing materials, packaging supplies, shipping and more to keep this project going

Is Forever Loved Angel Gowns under a non profit or charitable status?
- at this time we do not hold a non profit or charitable status but are looking into our options
- should our status change we will make this clear on our website


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